WordPress One-Page Enterprise Theme: Featuredlite

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Featuredlite is a high-quality and  free version of WordPress theme for business. Viewed from the demo site, this theme is very comfortable when browsing because of its reasonable color matching. Each functional module has different layout. It is a good WordPress theme for consulting/service/general business website.

Thematic function

1. Multi-screen self-adaptation, perfect operation on computers, tablets and mobile phones (multi-screen self-adaptation, response);

2. Theme is the current popular single-page WordPress theme. Each function module is reached through the anchor function on the navigation bar.

3. The navigation bar slides with the mouse.

4. All the settings of the theme are accomplished through the operation of appearance/customization function.

5. Subject code specification, in line with search engine search protocol;

6. Compatible with WodPress e-commerce plug-in: Woocommerce;

7. Built-in Rotary Map function. Free version can set up 3 Rotary Maps, and charged version can set up 6 (in fact, more than 4 Rotary Maps feel meaningless);


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