WordPress plugin to prohibit multiple people from logging in the same account at the same time

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For membership-based websites, it should be necessary to avoid as many people logging on to a membership account at the same time as possible. Today I will share a plugin: Loggedin. It supports setting the maximum number of active logins, that is, how many clients are allowed to log in at the same time by an account, and also eliminating some user and user roles by hooks. WordPress 5.0+ Compatibility.


By default in WordPress users can login using one account from unlimited devices/browsers at a time. This is not good for everyone, seriously! With this plugin you can easily set a limit for no. of active logins a user can have.


  • Set maximum no. of active logins for a user.
  • Block new logins to the same account, if maximum active logins found.
  • Prevent users from sharing their account.
  • Useful for membership sites (for others too).
  • No complex settings. Just one optional field to set the limit.
  • Super Light weight.
  • Filter to bypass login limit for certain users or roles.
  • Completely free to use with lifetime updates.
  • Follows best WordPress coding standards.

Search 'Loggedin' in the background plugin installation interface  and install online or downloaded in the  official plugin page:

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