WordPress Form Plugin: Easy Registration Forms

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Plugin Introduction:

This is also a form plugin, the most popular early contact form 7, now many foreign themes, default or compatible contact form 7, these two years is Wpforms, plugin function is good, the official has been through the article to do technical support.

Sharing this plug-in today is also a form plug-in. Officially, this online form can create any function, and can create an unlimited number of online forms.

WordPress表单插件:Easy Registration Forms

Main functions of this plugin:

Easy to use drop-down, drag function, easy to create forms;

There is no limit to the number of user registration forms. The reason for this is that the free version of another user registration plug-in can only create a user registration form.

Plug-in built-in user registration and contact our form function;

Supporting multi-step/multi-page forms, this is a very powerful function, such as making data survey forms or multi-page online forms, will use this function;

The reply system allows administrators to reply to forms submitted by users, and has the function of email notification, which is also a strong function.

Support widgets, you can set the sidebar widget login function;

Support WordPress membership system and membership product functions.

Customize user meta fields;

Full field support functions: text, mail, telephone, selection, check, audio, telephone, number, document, etc.

User unique ID function;

Support one column/two column style;

Man-machine verification function;

The coexistence of multiple forms on a single page;

The form supports a responsive style.

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