Add Questionnaire And Voting Function To WordPress Using Democracy Poll

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It is a questionnaire polling plug-in, which adds a smart and convenient system to create a variety of polls with different functions, such as:

  • Adding new polls
  • For caching plug-ins: WP total cache, WP super cache, etc.
  • Users can add their own answers (democracy) and disable this option if necessary.
  • Multiple votes: Users can have multiple answers instead of one answer (disabled as needed)
  • End the poll after the appointed date
  • Show random votes when some are available
  • Close voting for unregistered users
  • Quick Edit Selected Votes: Administrator's Edit Key
  • Vote Number Editor
  • Users can change their opinions when the re-voting option is enabled
  • Memorize users through IP, Cookie, WP configuration files (for authorized users). Voting history can be cleaned up
  • Insert a new vote in any article: [dem cracy] (Simplified Code)
  • Small tools (can be disabled)
  • The. CSS or. JS files may be disabled or embedded in HTML code
  • Support multiple sites

1. If you want to call it in the PHP template, you can use the following function. Number 3 is the ID of the vote:

<?php democracy_poll( 3 ); ?>

2.Shortcode can also be used in articles:

[democracy id="2"]

3.If you want to randomly display votes, you can use simple code:


4.If you want to call all voting archives, you can use the function:

<?php democracy_archives( $hide_active, $before_title, $after_title ); ?>

Search for Democracy Poll in the background plug-in installation interface to install it online, or download it by clicking the following button:


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