WordPress 5.2 will require a minimum PHP version of 5.6+

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WordPress official recently announced that WordPress 5.2 will be released by the end of April and will require the latest version of PHP to be 5.6.20. That is to say, if your PHP version is lower than this, you will not be able to install or upgrade to 5.2 or above!

Starting with WordPress 5.1, users running PHP versions below 5.6 have a notification in their dashboard that contains information to help them update PHP. Since then, WordPress statistics have shown an increase in the number of users on the latest version of PHP.

Why Update PHP

If your site runs on an unsupported version of PHP, the WordPress Update will not provide WordPress 5.2 to your site. If you try to update WordPress manually, the update will fail. To continue using the latest features of WordPress, you must update to a newer version of PHP.

When updating to a new version of PHP, WordPress encourages updating to the recommended version of PHP 7.3. The PHP development team is doing well, and the newer the version, the better the performance. This means that updates will speed up your website and your visitors. This performance improvement also means fewer servers are needed to host the site. Updating PHP not only benefits your website, but also means that one third of the world's websites using WordPress will require less resources, which will be more beneficial to the planet!

How to update PHP

In fact, many domestic mainframe vendors have already provided 7.0 + PHP products, so it is recommended to use the virtual host friends, contact the mainframe vendors, ask where you can modify the current version of PHP. For users using cloud servers, they can only configure PHP to meet the corresponding version requirements.

Now 5.6, soon 7.0+

This minimum version of PHP is the first change since 2010, but it will not be the last change in 2019. It is expected that the minimum version will be raised to PHP 7.0+ by the end of 2019. So, friends, it is time to upgrade your PHP!

Because to use the latest version of WordPress, you can only upgrade PHP!!

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