Search engine Baidu is dead: becoming a tool for the Baijiahao diversion

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Author: Kecheng Fang

Friends who have used Baidu in the past six months may notice a phenomenon: basically, more than half of the search results you see on the first page will point to Baidu's own products, especially the “Hundreds of Numbers”.

Baijiahao is Baidu's self-media platform. When it was first launched, it once featured high-quality authors and high-quality content. Later, after several adjustments, it has become a content platform with marketing number as the main content - the content is all-inclusive, the quantity is large, the quality Worried.

Give an example. Yesterday, a friend sent me an article on the WeChat on the WeChat and asked if it was true or not.

The article claimed that the CIA admitted that bin Laden had nothing to do with the September 11th incident and apologized to his family. My search found that such a shocking news turned out to be from onion news that specializes in producing satirical fake news.

At present, this fake news published on the Baijia number has already received more than 400,000 readings.

The quality of the information on the Baijia is evident. And Baidu is constantly pushing people's traffic to the hundred companies through the search box.

If you search for the latest news, such as "British Brexit", there will be 7 results on the first page, the first one is Baidu Encyclopedia, the second, fourth, fifth, and seventh are all articles of Baijia, only two Leading to websites other than Baidu - Article 3 is Hexun and Article 6 is Sina.

Searching for “US Government Closed,” half of the eight results on the first page are the 100, including Articles 1 and 2.

China’s GDP data for 2019 was announced yesterday. I am now searching for “China’s 2019 GDP” at 10 am on January 22, Beijing. The results of Articles 1, 2, 4 and 5 are all 100, and none of them can Tell me the latest data, only the results of Article 3 China Economic Net are what I am looking for.

By the way, in order to rule out possible personalization algorithms, I used Chrome's stealth mode to search for a Baidu account.

What if we search for important people? Such as Trump. You will find that the results on page 1 are: Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu Post Bar, Baijia Number, Baijia Number, Baijia Number, Baijia Number, Sina, Baijia Number, Baidu Encyclopedia.

What is the content of so many hundred numbers? Let's see the title and experience it.

Try another person. Search for Kashoji, the Saudi journalist who was killed last year, and the annual figure of Time magazine. As a result, the first page is all of Baidu's own content: Articles 1 and 5 are Baidu Encyclopedia, and the rest are all 100.

Then search for other things, such as "Little Pig Page". Article 1 is Baidu's iQiyi, the second is Baijia, the third is Sohu, the fourth is Baidu Encyclopedia, and the fifth is Baijia.

Search for "artificial intelligence", first four ads, then Baidu Encyclopedia, there are three other sites in the middle (Tongfushun, Artificial Intelligence Lab, Ai Faner), then Baijiahao, Baidu Encyclopedia, Baijiahao, Baidu Post Bar.

If we want to use Baidu to solve problems in our daily life, what will happen? For example, the search for "how to buy a high-speed rail ticket", the first two results are: Baidu experience, Baidu know, then 12306 official website, then Baidu experience, high-speed rail network, Baijia number, Baidu experience, Baidu experience.

If we want to learn? Try searching for "How to write a thesis" and guess what is the search result? As soon as I came up, I wrote two advertisements, then Baijia, Baijia, Baijia, and then two papers.

In other words, you should either look at the hundred numbers or go to the paper to write.

Summarize my experimental results, the yellow background is Baidu's own content or advertising:

Baidu was not like this one year ago. Baidu was not like this five years ago or ten years ago. At that time, Baidu had various problems, but at least it was really a search engine. It was really the entrance to explore the Chinese Internet. You can ask for it and you can really get some satisfactory answers.

But now, it can be renamed "Baijia Station Search".

Why is Baidu so degraded? We can find some external factors. Due to the increasingly fragmented and closed trend of China's Internet in recent years, the important platforms such as WeChat, Weibo and Taobao are not open to Baidu. What we can find from search engines is inherently crippled.

But the most important thing is Baidu’s own business decision to drink and quench its thirst. Basically, Baidu has no intention of making a search engine. It just wants to be a marketing number platform, and all the people who want to search for content become their own traffic, and then realize it.

This is certainly not a sustainable business model. When people find that they can't find what they are looking for, they will only use it less and less. This strategy of Baidu gives me the feeling that I am desperately squandering the property before the end of the last days.

In the circle of friends, a friend who works in a technology media predicts that in 2019, there will be a lot of companies in the recruitment requirements to add a "daily use of Baidu search information for the job seekers with caution."

Baidu as a search engine is dead. is not the place where you are looking for Chinese Internet content, but Baidu's own in-site search; it will lead you not to the high-quality spiritual food in the Chinese Internet, but to smash the rancid content in your own home.

Written here, it is very sad: the vast Chinese Internet has fallen to such a situation, even a search engine is gone.

It’s gone.

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