Amazon plans to launch 3,236 satellites to provide broadband for Internet-free regions

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Amazon, the US technology company, has proposed its own space Internet program, preparing to launch more than 3,000 satellites to provide high-speed broadband services to the world without Internet or other places where it is needed.

Amazon spokesperson Jinli Pisol confirmed on the 5th that Amazon's "Kebe project" is part of the company's satellite Internet program, which plans to launch a low-altitude Internet by launching a low-Earth satellite. People provide services."

Earlier, US media reported that a company in Washington called the Kuiper system submitted an application to the International Telecommunications Union through the US Federal Communications Commission, planning to send 3,236 satellites into low-Earth orbit. The International Telecommunication Union is the United Nations agency that coordinates communications satellites and other matters.

According to reports, these satellites will cover an area between 56 degrees north latitude and 56 degrees south latitude, with more than 90% of the world's population living in this area. Pisor said the project still needs approval from the Federal Communications Commission, and Amazon has no specific timetable for implementing the project.

Amazon is the latest company to join the satellite Internet competition. US Space Exploration Technologies plans to build a "star chain" network of about 12,000 satellites in space between 2019 and 2024 to provide high-speed Internet access. In February last year, the first prototype satellites were sent into space. Other companies with satellite Internet programs include the US Internet Corporation, Canada Communications Satellite Corporation, and others.

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